Daedalus and Telefónica unveil social media analysis tool for emergency prevention and management

The analysis of conversations and content shared by users in social media can be extraordinarily useful for the early detection of emergencies or their monitoring during the response phase. Daedalus and Telefónica will be presenting their solution for the prevention and management of emergencies in social media at LT-Accelerate in Brussels.

People share their lives through social media… even in emergency situations. Almost while calling the 112, the witness of an accident or fire uploads the related pictures to social networks. The traditional phone access to public emergency services should be extended to the real-time analysis of web 2.0 channels.

Telefónica Group is a reference global provider of integrated systems for emergency management and Daedalus is a leading vendor of text analytics tools. Both companies have partnered to develop a social dashboard able to analyze and organize information shared in social networks that can be of interest to emergency care services (related to gatherings, accidents, natural disasters…).

The new system:

  • Filters and integrates social conversations related to incidents in a given geographical area and aggregates the content relative to a certain incident.
  • Classifies the incident according to its type, identifies its phase in an emergency life cycle and extracts and structures valuable elements of information from its content: topics, people/places mentioned, opinions…
  • Builds a timeline of the incident, aggregating social messages and the multimedia content (pictures and videos) being shared.

This solution provides emergency services with a multidimensional, real-time, integrated perspective that enables them to:

  • Use early detection in the pre-incident phase to prevent and avoid potentially dangerous emergencies.
  • Better manage and respond to incidents, using relevant information to deploy resources in a more effective and efficient way.
  • Keep a record of aggregated, structured information about incidents that enables analytic processing to extract metrics, identify trends and detect correlations.

Daedalus and Telefónica will be presenting this system at the coming LT-Accelerate, the European conference about language technologies (December 4-5, Brussels), with their presentation “Improving Emergency Prevention and Management through Real-Time Analysis of Social Media”.

More information about social media analysis for emergency management.

More information about the presentation.

"The use of social media analysis to improve the prevention and management of emergencies can actually save lives." Antonio Matarranz, Marketing & Sales Director, Daedalus
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