Big data and semantic analysis are required to understand social TV, according to Daedalus

Social TV is a more and more attractive phenomenon both for viewers and for broadcasters and brands. At the recent Big Data Spain 2013, Daedalus presented a platform that combines big data and semantic analysis to understand the social conversation and provide relevant information for all parties.

The second edition of Big Data Spain, a landmark event about massive data processing applications and technologies, took place this November in Madrid. The strength of this industry was highlighted by the increasingly critical applications of big data in sectors such as banking and telecommunications and some new technological and business trends: systems that facilitate online analysis of large volumes of data and new paradigms of query to ease the development and visualization to communicate results effectively.

Without doubts, one of the key areas of big data application is the processing of social content to obtain all types of insights, a field where the typical requirements of Volume, Variety and Velocity (the three V's of big data) come to a new dimension. In particular, the phenomenon of social TV, in which viewers wish to augment their television consumption experience through the conversation in social media, the sharing of information and the exploration of content related to their preferences. It is so much so that the big social networks attribute most of their traffic during the prime time to the conversations about TV shows.

But social TV is not only important for viewers. Broadcasters and brands have joined the phenomenon not only to participate in the conversation, but also to understand and leverage it: to profile their audience, analyze its reactions, provide complementary content, insert relevant advertising, analyze the impact of their programs/campaigns or foster the audience's loyalty.

Social TV is not the typical scenario of large volume of structured data: unstructured, multimedia and multilingual content are much more difficult to treat. Storage platforms are not enough: it is necessary to structure and extract the meaning from that content before being able to analyze it and extract mentions, trends and relationships.

In the presentation "Real-time Semantic Search Engine for Social TV Streams" of the past Big Data Spain, Daedalus presented its developments on a platform of real-time analysis of data streams for social TV. This platform combines advanced storage and retrieval of unstructured information capabilities with semantic treatment for the extraction of elements of meaning and connection to external information.

For this purpose Daedalus uses its semantic APIs service in the cloud, Textalytics - Meaning as a Service, which provides high level functionality to detect mentions of people or brands, identify topics, extract concepts, opinions, relationships, user profiles, enrich with linked data, etc.

You can access the presentation and the video of the talk on the Blog of Daedalus.

"Social TV is not only a problem of big data. Only by extracting automatically the meaning of what is being said It is possible to provide viewers with tools to navigate the tangle of conversations, contextually relevant information and recommendations adapted to their profiles. Likewise, brands and broadcasters can understand the conversation and extract valuable insights about their audience, way beyond the mere audience rating." César de Pablo, semantic APIs evangelist at Daedalus
About Daedalus

Daedalus is a Spanish company specialized in the automatic extraction of meaning from all types of multimedia content. Daedalus applies semantic technologies, language processing, speech recognition, and data and text analysis to help customers to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of what is said in all kinds of social and traditional media (social networks, blogs, newspapers, radio, TV)
  • Enrich and customize all kinds of multimedia and multilingual content to better combine, distribute and monetize them
  • Extract information from financial documents and user-generated content to feed risk management and investment decisions
  • Extract elements of meaning and context of all types of content and social conversations to enable a more focused and effective advertising
  • Integrate and retrieve information from heterogeneous repositories.

Founded in 1998, Daedalus provides software tools that can be deployed both on-premise and in SaaS mode. Daedalus helps you to overcome the challenges of the 3 Vs (Variety, Volume and Velocity) in multimedia processing.

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