The development of the market for Semantic Technologies requires high-level APIs, according to Daedalus

Users of Semantic APIs demand functionalities that are closer to their business. A new generation of plug & play APIs provide verticalized solutions and quick results. Daedalus introduced the Textalytics concept at API Days Mediterranea in Madrid.

Business models based on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in the cloud are an excellent choice for the commercialization of new software technologies. In the recent API Days Mediterranea held in Madrid, company Daedalus presented its experience in commercializing semantic APIs and how the customer insights gained in this process have led to the development of a new generation of semantic technologies in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode.

According to Daedalus, a new value proposition for semantic APIs users is needed, in which the supplier deals with the technical details and offers to developers and partners solutions that are easy to learn, use and profit from. An offering that includes, among other features: high-level functionality optimized for each application, process pipelines and linguistic resources preconfigured for various scenarios, SDKs and plug-ins that foster use and integration, and user communities to share good practices.

Daedalus offered a preview of a new semantic API product in the cloud, which will feature vertical solutions for Media Analysis (both social and traditional), Semantic Publishing (for publishers and media) and other industries. Daedalus has packaged its know-how and experience in helping customers in these sectors and has productized it into these new APIs, designed to increase efficiency and facilitate rapid results in these verticals. Additionally, for users in other industries or wishing to explore new (and even unexpected) applications of these technologies, the product will feature a Core API with more disaggregated and customizable semantic and linguistic features. In this way the offering will be much more hackable. View the presentation at API Days Mediterranea here.

This product, to be called Textalytics, will be officially unveiled in the next LT-Innovate Summit 2013 (Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry), to be held in Brussels (Belgium) on June 26 and 27.

Textalytics is a trademark of Daedalus. Follow us on Twitter: @textalytics

"The market for semantic technologies has been offering APIs composed of basic linguistic functionalities so far, which are difficult to use for those developers who are not expert in these technologies. In addition, these APIs force them to build solutions through a process of trial and error in a do-it-yourself way. For some users this is not enough. The market demands APIs with a more plug-and-play philosophy, which provide functionality closer to the business, a faster learning curve and, as a result, increased productivity." Antonio Matarranz, Marketing & Sales director, Daedalus
About Daedalus

Daedalus is a Spanish company specialized in the automatic extraction of meaning from all types of multimedia content. Daedalus applies semantic technologies, language processing, speech recognition, and data and text analysis to help customers to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of what is said in all kinds of social and traditional media (social networks, blogs, newspapers, radio, TV)
  • Enrich and customize all kinds of multimedia and multilingual content to better combine, distribute and monetize them
  • Extract information from financial documents and user-generated content to feed risk management and investment decisions
  • Extract elements of meaning and context of all types of content and social conversations to enable a more focused and effective advertising
  • Integrate and retrieve information from heterogeneous repositories.

Founded in 1998, Daedalus provides software tools that can be deployed both on-premise and in SaaS mode. Daedalus helps you to overcome the challenges of the 3 Vs (Variety, Volume and Velocity) in multimedia processing.

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